Painting Winter’s Treasure as a Family

My family knows what makes me happy – anything we do together! So when they agreed to make a collaborative winter painting with me I was beyond excited. The catch? We had to be done in about 90 minutes and certainly under two hours! What a sweet memory and painting that I will always treasure.

Meadow Glen’s Open House Celebrates Their Resident Artists

On June 1st we had the great joy of showcasing the beautiful artists we get to work with at Meadow Glen Assisted Living. Residents and visitors enjoyed our slideshow and exhibit featuring a sampling of the hundreds of paintings Meadow Glen’s residents have created in the nearly four years they’ve had me coming there. As a special added treat, attendees were given an opportunity to experience for themselves just how easy and enjoyable it is to follow our guided painting process! Two beautiful collaborative beach paintings were created that night by eight brave residents, families, staff and visitors!  

A special thank you to the Executive and Activities Directors at Meadow Glen for inviting us to be part of their Open House. Here’s to the beauty and joy their residents are bringing into our lives!

Presenting at the Maryland Activity Coordinators Society’s Annual Conference in Ocean City, MD

On September 27 & 28 2016, I had the privilege to present two 90-minute workshops at the Maryland Activity Coordinator’s Society (MACS) annual conference in Ocean City, MD. It was a wonderful experience! I am so grateful that my associate, Jess Sauder, was able to join me. I was also deeply honored that Greenfield Senior Living of Berryville, Virginia would send their Activities Director four hours away for two days to give a five-minute testimonial at each workshop about how much they value my program. It was a wonderful experience for each of us to be with such a caring and talented group of activity professionals. I’d like to also give a special thank you to Tammy Hay, MACS Conference Coordinator and Activities Director at Carol Lutheran Village in Maryland, for inviting me to speak and lead these hands-on workshops. May all these efforts help more people to experience the life-enriching gifts of the arts in their lives.