“I loved spending time with my grandmother in a guided activity that we could do together. Thank you for helping me communicate with her in a new way.” — Christine Vitkus

“I felt good that I had accomplished something. I received more pleasure from it than I thought I would. I’m so glad it was available to me. I never expected anything like that in here. It didn’t tire me, it refreshed me.” — Jane, nursing home resident and art scholarship recipient 

“My mom started painting with Catherine almost 6 years ago during her beginning stages of dementia. She would get so excited when she saw Catherine coming in the building and couldn’t wait for it to be her turn painting.  All of her art work I proudly hang up or have given as gifts to family and friends to remember Mom by.  Now that Mom is in her late stages, she may not communicate as much, but I can see the enjoyment in her face when she puts that paint brush in her hands. I recommend this to everyone who has the opportunity to paint with Catherine.” — Rosetta Erdelyi

“Catherine has brought so much joy to our residents at Greenfield Assisted Living in Berryville.  Many of our residents have a burst of pride when they see the beautiful painting that they create, and they remember long after their class is done that they were the artist. Catherine is very kind and patient. She is truly a blessing to all who come in contact with her.”  — Susan Muir, Activities Director, Greenfield Senior Living, Berryville, VA

“It is always a joy to have Catherine Fetterman with us! Her enthusiasm for art and her warmth towards our residents is a delight. Her mix of art history and hands-on art class is very captivating. She draws each person in with her knowledge and we look forward to every engaging presentation. I wholeheartedly recommend Catherine to any group desiring to dig deeper into the world of art.” –Chris Kovaluk, Meadow Glen Assisted Living of Leesburg, VA

“Your zest for life and keen love of helping others radiated through your sharing of projects between generations. Indeed, we have been more than blessed with the time you gave each of us to be better grandparents interacting with our grandchildren!”   —Robbie Milberg, coordinator for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 

“Our mother, Betty, loved to paint and had not picked up a paintbrush for about 10 years, that is, until now. She has severe macular degeneration in both eyes and is legally blind. Catherine has been an absolute blessing…our mother enjoys painting again! It has enhanced the quality of her life more than we could have ever imagined and we will be forever grateful.” Helen, Betty’s daughter

“Even if my mom is not feeling that well, after a lesson with Catherine she is a new person!  She is energetic and proud of her accomplishment. Catherine is such a gifted teacher and artist.  She knows all of her students’ strengths and personalities and works with them to create a masterpiece!”  — Joanne Peters

“Michael was in an accident after a deer ran into his path as he was driving to work in November, 2007.  Due to his TBI, Michael has difficulty processing information and making connections.  He has lost his sense of time and space, and is prone to mood instability and volatility. Catherine combines her expertise in the field with her regard for the worth and dignity of our family member. The results are nothing short of amazing. “ —Maureen Burns-Sullivan

“Catherine Fetterman has brought joy and kindness to my husband, Bruce, that cannot be measured. He loves painting and looks forward to it when I remind him of his appointment.  His paintings are framed and hung in my daughter’s home and my home, as well as in his room. We treasure them and will always be grateful to Catherine for her attention, time, patience, and commitment to him.” —Ann Rice

“My son Paul at age 28 suffered an anoxic brain injury 9 years ago, leaving him unable to care for himself. He can’t voluntarily move his arms or legs which leaves him bedridden and wheelchair bound requiring round the clock care. His cognitive skills are limited though he recognizes everyone and most days has a big smile for you. Paul’s regular art sessions have been invaluable to Paul for the stimulus they provide.”  — Kathleen Marchessault

”We have been so honored to have Catherine work with our sister, Annette, who suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s/ Dementia.  Catherine’s bubbly, kind and sweet personality is contagious, and she can transform Annette’s very dark and unresponsive mood into smiles and happiness.  To witness Annette smile and laugh again brings incredible joy to her family.”—Joanne and Peter Porrello

“My husband Ken is 95 years old. It is a magical experience to see someone who has never done artistic work of this sort create a painting that we are both so proud of!” –Joanie Walker