Refund, Cancellation and Appointment Policies


  • Appointment Policies  Realizing that nearly all of our clients have delicate health situations with very limited appointment flexibility, we strive to have a fair and balanced policy regarding changes that may occur. We hope that you understand that while we are truly sympathetic, our instructors cannot absorb the full financial responsibility of last minute changes and cancellations as we reserve specific times for each client and can only work with a few clients each day. We appreciate your help and understanding. 

    •   Scheduling Appointments for classes are typically scheduled and prepaid a month or more in advance. Monthly participants have priority enrollment each month. To skip a month or discontinue please give 30 days notice when possible.
    •   To reschedule appointments, we require at least 24 hours notice. For private and semi-private sessions, if you decline your appointment without 24 hours notice, and have prepaid your class, we will give you a partial credit of $25 on your next invoice. No shows are charged the full fee unless the instructor has been notified in advance of the cancellation. (Please note that missed group classes do not receive credits. ) If you agree to a rescheduled date for a class and can’t attend, no credit or make-up is given. 
    •  Appointment times are reserved for each client. Please try to arrive early to take full advantage of your allotted time.
    •  Enrollment in Small Group Classes  We want everyone to be successful and have the support that they need. Due to the nature of a group class, participants need to be able to follow simple step-by-step directions and be able to use a paint brush independently. If considerable assistance is needed, a private session or a “Painting for Two” class may be recommended instead.
    •   In the event your instructor is unable to provide a class for which you have paid, we will give you a credit, reschedule or arrange for another qualified instructor to help during the absence.    
  • Prepaid Unused sessions   All scheduled prepaid sessions are non-refundable. If you are unable to use your prepaid session(s) , you may elect to receive gift certificates that you can give to someone else, or donate the session(s) to our benevolent/scholarship fund. 
  • Regarding Corporate Sponsored Programs     Please refer to our Service Agreement for details.  


Policies are subject to change.