Here's to you Ken! Thank you for being such an inspiration to others by taking up a new hobby at 95!

“When I am finished with a painting I feel a joy and sense of accomplishment.” –Ken

I met Ken about 15 years ago when I taught his wife Joanie watercolor. Little did I know then that he’d take up painting with me too at the age of 95! I am so happy and honored to share with you some of the beautiful paintings he has done in the past year; each was completed in about an hour. In preparation, I sent Ken some questions asking his input on what he’d like for me to share with you. Here are his response, followed by a few words from his biggest fan.

“At my age of 96 I’m still enjoying life. I’m physically active and busy outside in the yard tending to trees, shrubs and flowers, many of which we have planted. I like to paint nature paintings: trees, shrubs, plants, snow, water and flowers. I like the paintings I have done that show a depth of field. What I like about the painting classes are seeing the development of the painting before my eyes. The images in my brain I transfer to paper. I like the feeling Catherine gives me about the images I have painted. When I am finished with a painting I feel a joy and sense of accomplishment. I get a lot of pleasure from showing my paintings to friends and family.”   — Ken, February 2015

“I am so grateful that my husband Ken, who is 95 years old, is able to reap the benefits of MnemeTherapy. I love watching him in the process of the therapy. He is as focused as anyone could ever be. It is a magical experience to see someone who has never done artistic work of this sort create a painting that we are both so proud of!” –Joanie Walker, 2014

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