Free Classes during COVID-19

As we go through this pandemic together month after month, the isolation takes a toll on us all, but especially our older adults. Well, one thing we can do together is focus on what we and they can do, and the beauty in and around us.

These complimentary classes are a gift from me and my family to help in this effort. Each episode lasts 20-30 minutes and includes a little journey to find the inspiration for our painting, step-by-step guidance, and inspiration from other seniors I’ve had the honor to have as my students. They too, at one time, said “I can’t paint”, which later became “I can’t believe I painted that!” Oh what joy we’ve shared together and how I miss them so!

Whether you just watch or want to paint along with me, I hope our time spent together is meaningful for you. If you need a list of recommended supplies, please click here.

As an extra gift to those who wish to subscribe to my mailing list, I’ll send written step-by-step directions for all the videos below, and announcements of more resources to help us continue to be inspired and connected to one another.

Episode 1: Painting Virginia Bluebells
Episode 2: Painting Cherry Blossoms
Episode 3: Painting Wildflowers
Episode 4: Painting Beach Flowers