Art and Gifts by Catherine Obreza Fetterman

Like many other artists, I’m captivated by the infinite beauty all around us, and want to take it in, hold it close and share it with others. It is my deepest desire that these little gifts of beauty sown with great love and prayer, will bring God’s peace and loving comfort to those who receive them.

For online orders of cards and gifts, please visit Embraced by God:

If you’re in the Northern VA region, I have a large selection of cards, gifts and original art available at Jerry’s Flowers & Gifts located at 700 Fieldstone Dr NE, Unit 118 in Leesburg, VA 703-777-2561

15 + Ways to Use My Little Journal Notebooks

  • Scriptural encouragement – collect and write down some of your favorites in a little notebook (and consider giving a second copy as a gift to lift someone else’s spirits too)
  • Church notes – writing down some of what we hear during the homily or sermons at church definitely helps us remember them better
  • Are you grieving or anxious? Here are a few different ways you might like to use these journals on your healing journey: 1. Perhaps you might like to record the acts large and small that have been a comfort to you. Signs of love are all around you and demonstrated in different ways. 2. Consider making a word collage quilt on each page. Simply record the date and individual words that mean something to you that day. Write in different colors if you like. Fill the page any way you’d like. 3. Tape or glue in images and/or quotes that speak to your heart. These could even be things that people have sent to you in cards or electronically. 4. Write a simple poem each day – Choose one word (consider the word “Today”, or the day of the week, or a person’s name, or a feeling). Simply choose a word of your choice and write it down the left side of the paper, one letter per line. Then write in a word or phrase that starts with that letter and is related in some way to the word you’ve chosen. No pressure to rhyme or make sense. Just let words flow. Decorate the page if you like. 6. Go for a walk in nature, or simply sit outside. Take the journal and capture a few notes on some of the things you see/hear/feel/smell/notice. What do you find beautiful? What are the gifts of the present moment for you? 7. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, consider honoring their life by recording a few treasured memories. Write one page or paragraph a day. Or even one sentence. Consider using a writing prompt like “Thank you for…” “I think of you when…” “I remember when…” “You taught me …”
  • Daily gratitude journal – the many health benefits of keeping a journal and of taking the time to count our blessings have been in the news a lot lately; if you don’t already do this, I invite you to consider starting with just five minutes a day to reflect upon and record with bullet points maybe one, two or three things you’re grateful for daily. You could do it in the morning or evening, or on your daily commute if you’re not driving. One page per day and before you know it you’ll have a journal filled with love!
  • List of prayer requests and intentions conveniently located in one place
  • Spiritual reading log/ Podcast log – what little gems do you want to remember from that book you’re reading or that podcast you listened to
  • Notes on how to love – Yes, I have a journal dedicated to that topic. When I read or hear something that I find useful, I write it down. One idea per page. I write down what God says about how to love (God, myself, others), what God has revealed about how God loves us; I also collect phrases (like sample open-ended questions), scriptures and insights I’ve gleaned that I find helpful and encouraging in my walk of learning
  • Collections on a Theme – I have about a dozen little journals next to my favorite chair where I like to read and pray. I’ve put a sticky tab on each journal identifying a theme that I’d like to study and ponder. Right now I’m collecting questions, thoughts, scriptures, and insightful quotes from holy mentors relating to topics I’m studying relating to Psalm 23, the Beatitudes, peace, truth and lies, sight & light, grieving and resiliency, caregiving and prayer.) These little journals are perfect for collecting and organizing my thoughts, questions and little gems of information I don’t want to forget
  • Daily goals and resolutions – whether working towards a goal or trying to instill a new habit, capture them in writing and check off the ones you’ve accomplished or kept
  • Nightstand notebook– my brain has a hard time turning off sometimes, maybe yours does too; I’ve heard that it’s good to keep a notebook on your nightstand so that when you think of something you can write it down and let it go until morning
  • Love notes – consider writing to your loved one a couple of sentences on what you felt their most endearing quality was today (or yesterday) and leaving it where they can read it (bathrooms tend to be good places to write and read love notes!)
  • Assignment log/ Training Log – maybe you meet with a trainer, counselor or advisor and they give you some homework to do or ask you to reflect on a question
  • Travel diary – conveniently keep track of where you’ve been, who you talked to, and what you’ve learned
  • Doctor visits – track blood pressure readings, organize what questions you have for your doctor, document symptom onset and progression, your list of medications, as well as medications taken
  • Ledger – of course you could use a separate journal for categories of anything you want to keep track of (expenses, passwords, birthdays,…)
  • …if you have other ideas, or have found any of the above helpful for you, I’d love to hear from you!

I thought you might like to know that in 2022 I was interviewed by Tomas Fernandez of Hope Through Arts to share what I paint and why, and how I strive to bring hope and joy to others through my art and teaching. If you’d like to know more, I invite you to get yourself a cup of tea and push play 🙂